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Full Program for Thu 29

Festival in a pod: individual screenings

Thu 29 Sept, 10am - 4pm Book tickets for this session here

The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5

Image of The Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5
  • Chema García Ibarra
  • 2008, 7 mins
  • Sci-Fi, Spain

Regarded as odd by his family and the local community, a man believes he has superior knowledge about the world’s impending destruction, of which he will be the sole survivor. Alienation meets alien invasion in this visually stunning low budget sci-fi that questions the way we see the world.

The Globe Collector

Image of The Globe Collector
  • Summer DeRoche
  • 2012, 7 minutes
  • Documentary, Australia

Andrew Pullen collects light globes. More than 10,000 of them. Enter a world where a passion for electronics is all-consuming and a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome is nothing more than a label. Join one man’s solo quest to protect a technology that is fast being forgotten.


Image of Super
  • Samara Hersch
  • 2014, 7min
  • Comedy, Australia

An enthusiastic team of super heroes
save a local supermarket. Made in collaboration with Access Inc and filmed on location at Piedimonties, North Fitzroy’s iconic supermarket.

Autism In Love

Image of Autism In Love
  • Michelle Friedline
  • 2012, 9min
  • Documentary, USA

RV Kuser is fifty, blissfully married and proudly autistic. He has learned to mask the behaviours associated with his autism in order to function successfully. However, this triumph comes at a cost: he is only able to act neurotypically for a limited time before regressing dramatically the more genuine version of himself.

Living in Space

Image of Living in Space
  • Katre Haav
  • 2014, 13 minutes
  • Documentary, Estonia, Germany

Reality and imagination blend together to make Oliver’s life. It’s hard to resist being dragged into illusion but it’s even harder to get out of it. Using animation elements, this is a compelling depiction of the experience of schizophrenia and the daily possibility of psychosis.

Leadership through a different lens

Thu 29 Sept, 3pm - 5pm Book tickets for this session here

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Leadership through a different lens

  • Discussion
  • Free Session

Padraig Naughton, Executive Director of Arts and Disability Ireland, will facilitate an honest and thought-provoking conversation between Veronica Pardo, Executive Director of Arts Access Victoria and Emma Bennison, CEO of Arts Access Australia, exploring the many faces of leadership in the arts and cultural sector. They will consider questions such as what makes a good leader and whether disability leadership is always best in arts and disability organisations.

#deaftalent: the power of authentic casting

Thu 29 Sept, 6pm - 7:30pm Book tickets for this session here

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#deaftalent: the power of authentic casting

  • Talk
  • Free Session

A provocative talk about authentic casting, focusing on the #deaftalent movement spearheaded by Jules Dameron, a Deaf filmmaker visiting from the US.

Look at me

Thu 29 Sept, 7:30pm - 9:30pm Book tickets for this session here

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Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song” in American Sign Language

  • Jules Dameron
  • 2015, 4 minutes
  • Music Video, USA

This is an American Sign Language version of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” made accessible to native ASL users. This music video was created with a 100% deaf cast and crew. All of the performers in this music video are also a part of Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening.”

Cuckoo molars

Image of Cuckoo molars
  • José Miguel Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • 2016, 18 minutes
  • Comedy, Spain

Two gangsters are involved in a series of problems due to their mismanagement.

The Quiet Ones

Image of The Quiet Ones
  • Teresa Garratty
  • 2015, 15 minutes
  • Narrative Fiction, UK

A teacher at a Deaf boarding school is brutally murdered and the suspects have been narrowed down to four students. Can Detective Clarke and psychologist, Dr Barton reveal the murderers identity before it’s too late? Which one of the students is a cold blooded killer? It’s always, The Quiet Ones.


Image of Retreat
  • Ted Evans
  • 2013, 23 minutes
  • Drama, UK

The structures that bind society have eroded, the vulnerable have been pushed to the fringes. At this crossroads a young woman lives between an unforgiving world and the confines of a dark community. With obsession rapidly over taking reason, Isobel must decide which world she wants to be part of.


Image of Ingelore
  • Frank Stiefel
  • 2009, 40 minutes
  • Drama, USA

Ingelore is a German Jewish Deaf woman who not only had to overcome her parents’ inability to see past her Deafness but also having her childhood stolen from her in the outbreak of WW1. It is her irrepressible strength and spirit that helps her, from the age she learned her first word at the age of six, to the new life she forged filled with love and laughter.


Image of Longhand
  • John Marucci
  • 2015, 6 minutes
  • Drama, Canada

A hard-of-hearing woman struggles to realize her dream of being accepted into the military, while her boyfriend questions her sense of love.