Melting Thin Ice

Melting Thin Ice

By Echo Collective

Melting Thin Ice is a comedic mockumentary video depicting a scene wherein an authoritative and indifferent film director’s neglectful actions cause the cast and crew to become increasingly agitated and frustrated with their environment and work conditions. They are literally all melting in the desert. Their emotions escalate and reach boiling point. Melting Thin Ice is a metaphor for the way that world leaders are working against the environment and are not doing enough to take-action against climate change. Echo Collective uses the medium of improvisational video performance and its reliance on the present moment to illustrate that climate action needs to be taken in the present; we must do what we can now and not delay.

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Members of Echo collective on a Zoom call

Echo Collective is an inclusive performing-arts ensemble that brings together emerging and experienced Disabled artists to produce new performance works. Recent works include ‘Channel Echo’ (online video, 2020) and ‘Something Else’ (Arts Centre Melbourne, 2019). Echo Collective won a Maribyrnong Inclusive Recognition Award in 2014 and is produced by Arts Access Victoria in partnership with Maribyrnong City Council.