Planet WOW: Alien Encounter

Planet WOW: Alien Encounter

By Way Out West

Planet WOW: Alien Encounter is a multimedia poem for an alien visit to Earth. Beginning with a collaborative poem, the Way Out West artists have drawn, performed, vocalised, animated and made music in response to welcoming and showing aliens around planet Earth. The piece is a gesture of care and goodwill to others, and alerts us to the challenges of our planet in the face of climate change.

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The members of Way Out West on a catwalk

Way Out West is an inclusive performing-arts studio and company in residence at St Albans Community Centre. The studio produces collaborative performance-based works that engage with theatre, video, music, installation and exhibitions. Recent performances include ‘WOWalk’ (Bowery Theatre, 2019), ‘Fortune’ (Bowery Theatre, 2018) and ‘Feast’ (La Mama, 2015). Way Out West is produced by Arts Access Victoria in partnership with Brimbank City Council.