Resource Daddies

Resource Daddies

By Nemeses

Resource Daddies is an audiovisual primer for existentially-minded mill- and zillennials about an important new archetype: the Resource DaddyTM. Think of it as a Sugar Daddy, except for the climate apocalypse. Nemeses is here to detail the problem (that the apocalypse isn’t super-duper accessible to disabled people) and the solution (attaching yourself to a sort of Tesla-adjacent, upper-class carer-with-benefits). It’s a meta-commentary on how class intersects with disability, the ways in which government support for disabled people fails, and the pervasive need to be hot while the sun roasts us all.

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Nemeses members Alistair Baldwin and Vidya Rajan holding fake knives

Nemeses is Australia’s most toxic collaboration since The Veronica Triplets offed the third sister and rebranded as twins. Comprising Vidya Rajan and Alistair Baldwin (two of the country’s most award-wanting comedians), Nemeses has bravely created experimental content for The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne Fringe and Running Dog.