By Abbie Madden

In the literal sense, I am short-sighted – but we, as a society, are short-sighted in our ideas for fixing this planet. Our idea of what is helping the planet and affecting change is so focused on the right now and the immediate. We are looking at what is in front of us: pick up that piece of rubbish, recycle those products, grey-wash your clothes. But what can we achieve if we look further away, further into the future? Hold close those nearby, and work towards that distant focus.

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Abbie Madden headshot

Abbie Madden is artistic director and founder of inclusive dance and circus company Blindful. Originally from Adelaide, where she was a member of the world-renowned Australian Dance Theatre’s Youth Ensemble, she relocated to Belfast in 2013 to join ponydance as a company member for two years. A founding member of the highly successful Yuck Circus, Abbie also works as a choreographer, with experience in dance performance along with creative research and developments, film, physical theatre and musical theatre. Abbie wishes to work with those with a vision impairment, coming from her own experiences being born with congenital glaucoma. She won the 2020 Arts Access Australia National Leadership Award.