Thirty Degrees at Midnight

Thirty Degrees at Midnight

By Erin Kyan

It feels impossible to do anything but worry about the climate sometimes; it permeates my thinking whenever there is space available for it to take up. The worry feels almost as inescapable as the crisis itself. That floating, always-present worry is something I sit with for this work – worry for the future, for humanity, for the planet and, of course, for myself and my loved ones. Letting the worry breathe helps make room for action and acceptance, and, hopefully eventually, some rest.

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Erin Kyan wearing headphones and in front of a studio microphone

Erin Kyan is a cheerful force of nature with a zest for art and efficiency. Queer, trans, fat and disabled, all these facets of his experience inform his work and drive him to build a world and artistic practice that’s kind, intersectional and accessible.